In May 1993 Ivos moved from Kosice where he had co-originated today's well-known Death Metal band NOMENMORTIS. In his new residence – in Zlin – he was searching for musicians to start a new band. However, his effort was more or less unsuccessful and his thought of musical activities completely faded.
In autumn 1994 Ivos accidentally met a drummer and in the beginning of 1995 they started to compose the basics of early songs. In summer 1995 Mira was suggested for the post of guitarist by members of a local cult band BLACK HEAVEN.
During the next period of time the nameless band was assiduously rehearsing and slowly forming its own ideas about music. In those times the band was searching for suitable co-players to complete the line-up, but it was not successful and suddenly new problems appeared.
In summer 1997 the drummer did not join the planned recording session so he was immediately kicked out of the band. The only possibility was playing with drum machine. In 1998 replacing the human element with electronic equipment was still continuing when keyboard parts were inserted into compositions.
In March 1999 Martin was offered to take the post of vocalist and the trio called themeselves as DRACO HYPNALIS.
April 2000 at Studio Policná a finally steady line-up recorded a demo tape called "Nobleness Of The Storm-Gatherer", which was released as a split MC with Techno Death Metal band ROMANTIC LOVE.
The first concerts were followed and participation in summer festival Nuclear Storm seemed quite successful. Split MC received a wide spectrum of reviews, but largely positive. One of the biggest successes for split MC was warding the prize for Demo tape of November 2000 in Rock & Pop music magazine.
In April 2001 DRACO HYPNALIS entered Studio Policná again where they recorded a promo CD consisting of 4 songs intended above all for potencial labels. Later on, the band participated in summer festival Brutal Assault. Another series of concerts were played during the autumn and winter. For this reason DRACO HYPNALIS postponded recording of new material.
At the beginning of 2002 more than 800 copies of split MC and 300 copies of promo CD were sent all over the world. But no suitable label was found, moreover, Martin left the band in spring.
After unsuccessful searching for a new vocalist, Lukas (drummer of friendly band ROMANTIC LOVE) took up this post and during the short period of time new songs were rehearsed.
In October 2002 DRACO HYPNALIS recorded songs for their first album at favourite Studio Policná.
In winter-summer 2003, an Italian label Pulsar Light Records showed an eminent interest in releasing this recording in a CD format. Apart from other gigs, the band participated in a prestigious summer festival Brutal Assault, not only by live performance, but also with one song on CD compilation connected with this festival.
Finally, the label indefinitely postponed the release of our CD and stopped communicating with the band.
In August 2004 DRACO HYPNALIS achieved a great success at Meriless East festival in Poland and in the second half of September the band participated in a central European tour with Latvian Techno Death band NEGLECTED FIELDS. Moreover, the band managed another mini-tour with MARTYRIUM CHRISTI in Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Due to lack of inetrest of Pulsar Light Records, the band started cooperating with the Czech label Elysion Music and finally our CD "Weavers Of Unrest" was released by this label in June 2005. After that the album was promoted on a bunch of live shows, taking place on domestic stages as well as on the foreign ones. Among the most important of these shows are the next playing at Merciless East Festival in Poland and followig mini-tour in the same country, but mainly Czech/Slovak "Mortal Storms Of Autumn Tour" with Slovak colleagues OBLITERATE and MIZAR. Right on this tour the band played with that time guest-vocalist Pe»a (ex-INFANTICIDE), who later joined DRACO HYPNALIS as regular member.
During the composing process in 2006 he also takes up guitar, which means DRACO HYPNALIS now perform with two guitars.
In the end of spring 2007 the band leaves for the studio - namely LGM Studio of SCENERY mastermind Lerry. The release is agreed upon with Zero Budget Productions. The second DRACO HYPNALIS CD entitled "Imagination" is officially released on 11.9.2007.
Right after that we were going to 2-weeks "Brotherhood Of Autumn Equinox Tour" with our Polish Friends CLIMATE. We played shows in Poland, western Ukraine, Slovakia, finishing the tour in Czech Republic, our homeland. Until end of the year we had a few more shows in SK and CZ and we also took part in finals of "Guitarists Meeting", a multi-genre music festival in Zlín.
During year 2008 we played about 30 shows, most of them as autumn touring in Czech, Slovak and Transcarpathian lands with our colleagues MARTYRIUM CHRISTI under the moniker "When Autumn Storms Come Tour 2008".
Our other successes included our show at Ukrainian Metal Heads Mission Festival in autonomy republic of Crimea and our next show at "Guitarists Meeting", this time in Ostrava, where we play probably as the first metal band of more extreme kind.
In April/May 2009 we planned to finish our promo activities for actual CD with "Grand Finale of Imagination Tour", but in the end of August we had luck to play also the next, solely foreign "Progressive Machined Symphony Tour". It started in Poland, continued to Belarusian Metal Crowd Festival and back home we are returning via Poland and Slovakia. All was done with our "wheelmachine colleagues" DUOBETIC HOMUNKULUS and our label boss.
After that we started to work on our 3rd studio album "Balance Of Moments". All recording process was done during spring and summer 2010. But, because of enormous amount of various problems and countless serial of accidents we were forced to delay its release before going to our Ukrainian "Carpathian - Donbass Operation Tour 2010" in September - probably for spring 2011.
Even in following year we were pursued by various unpleasant obstacles like several relocations of apartments as welll as rehearsal room, change of not that good employer and the next round of almost endless working/educating program...
Despite of all these troubles that delayed our efforts quite often, we successfully completed the works on our 3rd album with final mix and mastering in professional studio of Martin Linda in Prague.
Thanks to our patient label Zero Budget Production - is our CD "Balance of Moments" finally released on August 14, 2012.